Amika Gair Macmichael Of Amika Gair Photography | Newborn Photographer, West Hartford, Ct
Amika Gair Macmichael Of Amika Gair Photography | Newborn Photographer, West Hartford, Ct

About Amika Gair Photography

Hello! I’m Amika.

Welcome and thank you for your interest in my work.

A child’s features are forever changing, personalities bursting to life and their timeless expressions should be documented (and not just in baby books). My job is to celebrate each stage in your child’s life by taking these ever-changing moments and holding them still, forever documenting these memories for you to cherish. I love my job and I am extremely grateful to have that opportunity.

The newborn stage of life is fleeting and etherial. In capturing those teeny tiny toes and fingers, and those soft wisps of hair, I hope to help you preserve the sweet details in your child’s life.

My own life experiences remind me that memories aren’t perfect. They fade and are reborn and, in some ways, live the life of a phoenix. Each time a memory changes perhaps it becomes more vivid…more real…just more. I strive to cement these memories and hold onto their vitality through my photography.

I hope that through our partnership of client and photographer, I can take hold of the memories and moments that you cherish most and present them to you in ways that you’ve never imagined. My goal is to exceed your expectations.

Please explore my site. If my work, my vision, and my creativity speak to you, reach out and contact me at Amika Gair Photography to craft a custom portrait experience for you and your family.

Amika Gair-MacMichael
Amika Gair Photography
B.A in Art and Anthropology Mount Holyoke College

About Amika Gair

Amika Gair discovered her passion for photography while pursuing her BA in Fine Art at Mount Holyoke College. She’s travelled extensively throughout Europe and across the United States twice all with her camera in hand. She has honed her photography skills by working with noted wedding photographers in New England and even winning Best New Photographer at a well-known portrait studio.

In 2015, Amika decided to pursue her MFA in California at the Art Center. Her time on the west coast invigorated her love to compose and push the boundaries within the genre of fine art photography. To see some of her personal fine art photography from her travels, click here. Amika Gair has decided to take a break from academia indefinitely to continue capturing the banalities of everyday with a sense of humor all the while. Welcome to Amika Gair Photography.