After the Newborn Session comes the Baby Photography Session

Baby photography sessions are what take place once your newborn is able to sit. Newborn photos kinda-sorta graduate to baby photos. Some photographers call them “sitter photo sessions.” Your baby is constantly growing and constantly changing. A baby photography session is highly recommended to encapsulate the moments in your child’s life when they are able to sit up without assistance from mom or dad. The moments you capture this year will differ from those you'll want to capture next year.

Babies and children change drastically in their first five years, so I always recommend photo sessions at least three times within the first five years of life, including a newborn photography session and a baby photography session.

In a baby photo session, I love to capture a range of emotions. We're sure that you're fully aware of the fact that kids aren’t always happy. Documenting multiple expressions helps to truly capture your baby's personality. In other words, it's OK if your baby cries during your photo session.

Baby Photography Portfolio | Amika Gair | Newborn Photographer | West Hartford, Ct

West Hartford Baby Photography Sessions

Our baby photography sessions will almost always occur at a park in West Hartford, CT, or in some beautiful setting in Hartford County; however, for those colder months, photography sessions are always welcomed at my studio, also located in West Hartford, CT. Each photography session begins with a phone consultation followed by an in-person consultation, where we begin to plan out your session.

The in-person consultation is where we can lock down a location and the colors that you imagine for your session. We will discuss your family dynamics, the photos you’re most excited about capturing, and even some that may be lower on your priority list. For example, you may be updating the children’s rooms and want to focus more on the siblings' interactions; and, yes, this can even include siblings with fur! Or it could be the opposite…you’d love to see the sibling dynamics captured in detail and are less worried about individual baby portraits.

We will fully discuss baby photography session pricing and packages during the consultation. This helps people get excited about seeing their photographs on their walls.

Baby Photography Session FAQs

Questions I get asked most frequently before a baby photography session are what if it rains on the date of our session? Like your kids, the weather is not always predictable…especially in the Northeast. If we need to reschedule your photography session, it’s not a problem. I take on a very limited number of baby portraits a month to account for the weather’s unpredictability.

Baby Photography Session Outfits

Another question that’s readily asked is what should he or she wear. This is a really good question. We discuss styling and clothing during the in-person consultation, but I always recommend choosing a color palette and building outfits around that. Textures and layers are always welcome. A quick outfit change is always welcome as well. I do not recommend more than two outfit changes for a baby photography session.

Baby Photography Session Props

Another frequent question is whether I can bring a prop or two for our session. The answer is yes! Yes. Yes. Yes! I love making each baby photography session as personal as possible.

What happens after the Baby Photography Session?

The final question I get asked most frequently is what the process is after the photo session is completed. Typically, the turnaround time for a baby photography session is eight to ten business days. We will determine a time for you to come and review your photos in an ordering session. This is always my clients' favorite part of the process because they get to see their photos for the first time and see mock-ups of framed products or canvases on their walls. And if wall space is an issue, I always recommend a custom heirloom album. An album is a product you can keep returning to and enjoy with family for generations to come.

(See our FAQs for more answers to your questions.)

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