Love is Love

Amika Gair Wedding Photography | West Hartford, CT

In the midst of the hatred and ignorance the barrages us on a daily basis, it is wonderful to see that love still exists and is strong within. I love photographing people in love because there is a wonderment that is magical when you see it dance across your camera and then it’s captured. A…

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Through the Woods to Seclusion We Go!

Columbus Day Weekend, I had the privilege to have a mini college reunion with some awesome women in Jacksonville, Vermont. No internet, no cellphone reception. It was heaven. I, honestly, cannot remember the last time I laughed that much. I think I did more healing in that weekend than I did over the summer. It’s…

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Music to My Ears

It’s been quite a year, relocating to California and starting graduate school. Now that the school year is complete, I’ve been able to return to photography. Yesterday, I wandered around Pasadena, with Britt Kusserow, taking some headshots for her website as she in an up and coming artist in L.A. I love this type of…

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professional can be casual

Yesterday, I had the opportunity to work with up and coming actor Garrett. We stumbled upon many interesting textures and colors in his stomping grounds of Venice, CA. Having the freedom to walk around and find different textures to shoot against makes for many dynamic photos. While professional head shots are usually anxiety producing, the…

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A New Landscape

My solo road trip across the country has been nothing short of empowering. I packed Grover (my car) up to the gills and the momentous adventure began. Journeying alone allows for times of reflection, boredom and singing guilty pleasures at the top of your lungs. I must admit that I was extremely trepidatious to leave…

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