Why newborn photography? Your baby will never be this small again.

Professionally photographing your newborn is the ideal way to capture their tiny fingers, tiny toes, and wisps of hair. These photographs will hold still moments that you will cherish for years to come. Newborn photography documents the precious relationship of adding to your family, whether it’s your first child or fifth. Family photographs are always included in a newborn photography session.

My newborn photography sessions almost always take place at my studio in West Hartford, CT. Each newborn photography session begins with a phone consultation followed by an in-person consultation, where we begin to plan out your session. The consultation appointment is where we plan what colors and props you would like to be utilized during your session. For example, you may really love the bamboo bed or wooden bowl, and then we can incorporate those props into the newborn photography session. During the consultation, we will also discuss pricing and packages. This helps people to get really excited about seeing their photographs on their own walls.

Newborn Photography Portfolio | Amika Gair | Newborn Photographer | West Hartford, Ct

Why do I love newborn photography?

At Amika Gair Photography, we love newborn photography because it’s about capturing the quiet moments and in-betweens. Newborn photography is akin to getting a hug from the person you love most, then remembering and reliving that hug day after day…over and over again. Each time you see your baby's photo, you'll relive the moment that the photo was taken.

Our newborn photography sessions almost always include tears, and not just from the baby! And they always include some laughter as well. When siblings are included in the newborn session, we laugh, we dance, and we have a great time. Incorporating family photos or sibling photos during a session is always a wonderful way to see how tiny your newborn truly is!

Questions I get asked most before a newborn photography session are how can I ensure I get to the photos that I want? I always recommend coming for a newborn session between 8 and 21 days new, but of course, there is always wiggle room. Babies are still really malleable at 21 days, so that makes posing the baby easier. But every baby is different, and I follow the cues of each baby to ensure no baby is being put into a position he or she doesn’t like.

Another question I get asked frequently is, can I bring in my own props? Of course, you can! I strive to make every newborn photography session unique and personal for each client. Oftentimes, this means incorporating props that the client has provided. I love incorporating as much greenery and florals into newborn sessions as possible as well.

The final question I get asked most frequently is what the process is after the photo session is completed. Typically, the turnaround time for a newborn photography session is eight to ten business days. We will figure out a time for you to come in and review your photos in an ordering session. This is always my clients' favorite part of the process because they get to see their photos for the first time and see mock-ups of framed products or canvases on their walls. And if wall space is an issue, I always recommend a custom heirloom album. An album is a product that you can keep coming back to and enjoy with family for generations to come.

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So, why newborn photography?

These photographs celebrate this stage of your child’s life. He or she will never fit in your hand again. How wonderful would it be to capture that moment when your little girl fits in the palm of your hand? Or to photograph your baby boy gazing into your eyes? These may be everyday occurrences, but to have a professional photographer take that moment and turn it into a cherished memory is truly special. Reach out today to book a newborn photography session with Amika Gair Photography. We can't wait to get started. Take a look at our Facebook page for more newborn photos.

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