Children’s Photography: Rubber Ducky Your the One!

Well, hello. It has been far too long since I made a blog post and I going to do my best to rectify that. Today is a very rare day because today’s date is a palindrome (02.02.2020). I thought that was pretty nifty when I figured that one out. I don’t often get a lot of sitter milestone session’s in my studio by this baby was up for the challenge and looked so dashing in his winter bowler cap. Children’s and baby photography can be as simple as a white onsie with sophie the giraffe. I’m a big fan of simple so that the child’s expressions can truly shine through. I added the towel and rubber ducky to give this baby photography session a pop of color; to help us forget that we are slowly slugging through winter (far to slowly for my liking.) Which stylization is your favorite, simple and sweet or vibrant and playful with the rubber ducky?

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