Senior Portraits: On Top of the World

It does seem to be the season for senior portrait photography. While, I do recommend scheduling your appointment during the summer, some clients choose to wait until autumn to capture the fall foliage. Two weeks ago, I had the joy of photographing Sam for her senior portraits. Though you’re not actually on top of the world your senior year, you’re certainly ruling the school so to speak and Sam certainly looked the part. Perhaps, my favorite photos were caught on the rooftop because it combine the texture of the roofing with the brilliant fall colors behind her. Senior portraits are always great fun for me simply for the fact that the session is so open to possibilities and the kids, themselves, are about to embark on a chapter in their lives that has unlimited possibilities. I wish Sam much fun and laughter as she heads into her senior year.

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Amika Gair-MacMichael
Amika Gair Photography takes an instant out of time,
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