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Children’s Photography is Grand with Grandparents

By Amika Gair / September 11, 2013

On Sunday, I had an amazing morning playing and laughing with this group of cousins and their grandparents. It was such fun to watch each child interact with their YaYa and Pa. The love the grandparents showed for their grandchildren shined through in family groupings. Featuring families and extended families in children’s photography is fantastic…

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Children’s Photography: Don’t Miss a Milestone

By Amika Gair / September 1, 2013

This past Friday, I met up with Gabby, for her one year portrait. I first met this sweetheart when she was two weeks old for her newborn portraits. It’s amazing how the time flies. Her expressions and mannerisms were priceless as she snuggled with her stuffed animal. The best part about being a children’s photographer…

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Making a Splash with Children’s Photography

By Amika Gair / August 28, 2013

If I haven’t said it before, I adore the beach. There is nothing quite like the sound of waves crashing or the aroma of sea salt wafting through the air. However, the beach becomes ten times more fun when I have the pleasure of capturing a family’s time on it. This past Sunday, I got…

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Pet Photography: Dog Days of Summer

By Amika Gair / August 24, 2013

Meet Tucker, or Boo Boo as he is more affectionately called. I like to treat a pet photography like a children’s photography session. Find the dog’s passions and run with them, some time literally! I threw a ton of sticks and even dipped my toes in the pond to capture the photo of Tuckie  swimming,…

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Tutus, Hats & Children’s Photography…Oh My!

By Amika Gair / August 22, 2013

I had the pleasure of photographing Clover on her second birthday and she could not have been more adorable! Capturing those milestone ages through children’s photography is absolutely captivating. Her blue eyes sparkled throughout the entire session as she hammed it up for the camera. Her brother, Shannon, even donned a hat and got in…

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