Children’s Photography: To Seclusion We Go!

On Columbus Day Weekend, I had the privilege to have a mini college reunion with some awesome women in Jacksonville, Vermont. No internet, no cellphone reception. It was heaven. I honestly cannot remember the last time I laughed that much. I think I did more healing in that weekend than I did over the summer. It’s funny how removing oneself from technology, or as we like to call a Googlectomy, can rejuvenate oneself so completely. I got to be silly with Lily and laugh until my cheeks were sore. Lily is the absolutely adorable daughter of a good friend. Despite removing myself technology, I couldn’t resist a mini children’s photography session. May more reunions be in my future.

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Amika Gair-MacMichael
Amika Gair Photography in West Hartford, CT takes an instant out of time, celebrating life by holding it still.