Engagement Photography: Love is Love

In the midst of the hatred and ignorance that barrages us on a daily basis, it is wonderful to see that love still exists and is strong within. I love engagement photography because I love photographing people in love. There is a wonderment that is magical when you see it dance across your camera and then it’s captured. A moment in time where two people’s love is so strong and palpable that one feels it reaching out to them as well. This is how I feel when I view the photos of this Connecticut couple. I see trust, I see happiness, and I feel a calm. Make no mistake, loving is not alway easy, but, when it comes from a place that is honest and true, it reassures all whom choose to let it in. And while loving is not alway easy, being an engagement photographer is a blast!

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Amika Gair-MacMichael
Amika Gair Photography in West Hartford, CT takes an instant out of time, celebrating life by holding it still.